Eucalyptus House is a welcoming and energetic learning centre for all students and teachers. As one of the seven Houses at Dandenong High School, we continue the traditions of high expectations, excellence and active participation in the life of the school. Our students have the opportunity to exhibit their talents, skills and enthusiasm for learning under the professional and caring guidance of their teachers.

Eucalyptus House has the whole school curriculum responsibility for Literacy, Numeracy and National Partnerships. As such, we co-ordinate and lead the innovative and exciting curriculum initiatives across all Learning Domains and in partnerships with the other Houses.

Banksia House Captain
Lejla Ramic

Banksia House Captain
Jaret Vasquez


Hello, my name is Lejla Ramic and I am honoured to be your Eucalyptus House captain for 2017. Throughout the duration of my time in this position I am aiming towards being able to achieve as much as I can throughout the year not only on my own, but through the additional help of all ‘Eucalyptians.’ Eucalyptus has built itself up as being one of the primary examples of what a positive and safe environment should look like. This, in itself, is something that I am proud of acknowledging as it’s house captain.
Through my leadership position, I hope to predominantly work towards enhancing the house spirit within each and every student in Eucalyptus and ensure that all students are given a voice that is not left unheard. This will hopefully be achieved through the hard work, dedication and determination of both Jaret and I, but it also needs to come from each Eucalyptus student. We believe Eucalyptus has the potential to grow into something that no other house can be, and this is what we will be consistently working towards when trying to better the house as a whole.

As a 2017 House Captain of Eucalyptus, it is my aim to create a greater sense of community within our school and to improve the sense of House spirit within Eucalyptus and every other house. I will work to ensure that every student feels a sense of belonging to their respective houses as well as to the school as a whole. Whether this is by working with students to constantly improve our school or by encouraging house pride during times of competition, as a Student Leader and as a student at this school, I will work to create that sense of community that I envision for the school.

Eucalyptus House has always had a strong spirit and competitive nature within this school. It is a house where students are able to feel at home and are able to take pride in their house while striving for excellence not only in their learning, but also in the numerous competitions within our school. I am proud to be a member of this house and look forward to creating an even greater community within the house and within the school as a whole.




Assistant Principal
House Leader

Evelyne katsoulis2016UL2

Assistant House Leader
Peter Bond

House Student Coordinator
Debbie Baulch

House Administration Officer
Jennifer Barton

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