Hakea House is a place where all students, teachers and parents are inspired to form strong learning bonds, connections and partnerships in a warm, nurturing and supportive learning environment. Our focus is personalised success, so individual growth and achievement is nurtured and formally celebrated. Students and staff are regularly challenged to move beyond their comfort zone to continually strive for excellence.

Through developing a deep understanding of what an exemplary house looks, feels and sounds like, our team is working hard to develop and implement key initiatives and programs to take the House to the next level. A key focus this year is to develop a shared responsibility within our learning community. Student Leaders are imperative to this work and act as an extension of the House Leadership Team. Student, staff and parent voices are valued and encouraged in order to create a shared and negotiated learning environment, where all are empowered, and meaningful connections are created.

Hakea House Captain
Julieta Aliu

Hakea House Captain
Ramo Amosar


We are so grateful for the opportunity to be the Hakea House Captains for 2015. We feel privileged to be able to be part of a House that values its teachers, students and House Leadership Team. Hakea House is inclusive and caring, motivating all students to achieve success. During 2015, we will strive to respect, accept and value all suggestions and ideas coming from students and staff, and develop a family-like culture.

Hakea, over the years, has provided us with a safe, friendly, welcoming and cheerful environment, and this is our opportunity to give back. We will strive to help, encourage and involve everyone in activities, whole school events and even with day-to-day struggles.


Assistant Principal
House Leader

Kelly Krieg

Assistant House Leader
Andrea Bellgrove

House Student Coordinator
Sarah Hayes

Hakea Attendance Officer
Amy Fisher

Dandenong High School