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District Swimming Carnival 2015

Congratulations to all 21 confident, enthusiastic and willing students who represented us at the District Swimming Sports on Thursday 12th of March. Despite a very quick turn-around between the Interschool and District Sport Competition, our small group of students rallied around each other, and were willing to compete in races above and beyond their age group and ability. Together, they contributed to our school finishing second to a much larger swimming squad in Lyndale Secondary College. Our enthusiastic group put their hands up for almost everything, earning more points for our school, alongside enjoying individual and team success in various events, both within and above their age group. All students who finished in first place, in both individual and team events have earned a spot at the Zone Swimming Carnival which will take place at MSAC early next term. Those students will be notified by the Sport Team prior to this. Well done to all students, you should all feel very proud of your efforts!

Article by Miss Villiers and Mr Dowsing


The following students received The “District Champion” medals for their respective age groups.

U14 Girls Champion – Emily Lam (Darwinia)

U15 Boys Champion – Christian Beteramia (Eucalyptus)

U16 Girl Champion – Andreea Iuga (Darwinia)

U17 Boys Champion – Lucus Zaharakis (Hakea)

The overall results are listed below:

U16-20 Boys 200m Freestyle – Lucas Zaharakis – 1st
U12-15 Boys 200m Freestyle – Ali Mehdi – 2nd
U12-20 Girls 100m Breaststroke – Emily Lam – 1st
U12-20 Boys 100m Breaststroke – Senel Jasin Pathiranage – 2nd
U12-13 Boys 50m Breaststroke – Senel Jasin Pathiranage – 3rd
U14 Girls 50m Breaststroke – Emily Lam – 1st
U14 Boys 50m Breaststroke – Christian Beteramia – 1st
U15 Girls 50m Breaststroke – Jasmine Naylor – 1st
U16 Boys 50m Breaststroke – Andreea Iuga – 1st
U15 Boys 50m Breaststroke – Ross Nielson – 4th
U12-13 Girls 50m Butterfly – Alicia Baker – 2nd
U14 Girls 50m Butterfly – Emily Lam – 2nd
U14 Boys 50m Butterfly – Thomas Nielson – 2nd
U15 Girls 50m Butterfly – Jasmine Naylor – 1st
U15 Boys 50m Butterfly – Christian Beteramia – 1st
U16 Girls 50m Butterfly – Andreea Iuga – 1st
U18-20 Boys 50m Butterfly – Lucas Zaharakis – 1st
U12-20 Girls100m Backstroke – Alicia Baker – 2nd
U12-20 Boys 100m Backstroke – Lucas Zaharakis – 1st
U12-13 Girls 50m Backstroke – Victoria Muaiava – 4th
U12-13 Boys 50m Backstroke – Leighton Ahotolu – 3rd
U14 Girls 50m Backstroke – Kaylee Jukoff – 4th
U14 Boys 50m Backstroke – Thomas Neilson – 2nd
U15 Girls 50m Backstroke – Jasmine Naylor – 1st
U15 Boys 50m Backstroke – Akbar Nazari – 1st
U16 Girls 50m Backstroke – Andreea Iuga – 2nd
U16 Boys 50m Backstroke – Ross Nielson – 3rd
U12-15 Girls 100m Freestyle – Tamara Babeff – 2nd
U12-15 Boys 100m Freestyle – Ali Mehdi Rezaee – 1st
U16-20 Girls 100m Freestyle – Andreea Iuga – 1st
U16-20 Boys 100m Freestyle – Lucas Zaharakis – 1st
U12-13 Girls 50m Freestyle – Nia Byrne – 4th
U12-13 Girls 50m Freestyle – Samim Bolanos Niazi – 3rd
U14 Girls 50m Freestyle – Snehithaa Kodavalaru – 4th
U14 Boys 50m Freestyle – Dylan Welatantrige – 1st
U15 Girls 50m Freestyle – Stephanie Wong – 2nd
U15 Boys 50m Freestyle – Ali Mehdi Rezaee – 4th
U15 Girls 50m Freestyle – Andreea Iuga – 1st
U16 Boys 50m Freestyle – Ross Nielson – 4th
U17 Boys 50m Freestyle – Mortaza Foladi – 3rd
U18-20 Boys 50m Freestyle – Lucas Zaharakis
Individual Medley 50m
U12-15 Girls Jasmine Naylor – 2nd
U12-15 Boys Christian Beteramia – 3rd
U16-20 Boys Andreea Iuga – 1st
U15 Girls Freestyle Relay – 1st
Andreea Iuga
Jasmine Naylor
Emily Lam
Stephanie Wong
U18 Boys Freestyle Relay – 1st
Lucas Zaharakis
Ali Mehdi Rezaee
Ross Neilson
Christian Beteramia
U14 Girls Medley – 2nd
Victoria Muaiava
Alicia Baker
Emily Lam
Snehithaa Kodavaluru
U15 Boys Medley – 1st
Samim Bolanos Niazi
Leighton Ahotolu
Dylan Welatantrige
Senel Jasin Pathiranage
U16 Girls Medley – 1st
Kaylee Jukoff
Tamara Babeff
Jasmine Naylor
Andreea Iuga
 U18 Boys Medley Relay – 2nd
Ali Mehdi Rezaee
Mortaza Foladi
Christian Beteramia
Lucas Zaharakis