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The Dandenong Council has decided to honour the soldiers who fought in the First World War by establishing a trail which had some association with those men. The School has been selected as part of the Trail ( thanks to the efforts of the Past Students Association) and a Plaque has been placed on one of the pillars on the front school fence.

The Plaque commemorates the fact that our first Principal, Mr Percy Langford fought in Gallipoli as a member of the First Light Infantry. Each of the plaques is linked to mobile phones which will provide further information. Other locations will include the Drum Theatre where the first recruits enlisted, the Dandenong Drill Hall which was built in 1916 and used for compulsory training and the Dandenong Primary School where students supported the war effort. The plaques will form an interesting trail and one could be incorporated in the school history curriculum. As at present the site contains nine plaques.

A more detailed image is shown below.