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Year 8 Girls Netball Team

nbOn Wednesday 3rd of June, the Year 8 Girls Netball team competed against other schools within our district at Greaves Reserve to declare the winner that would represent our district in division. Teams from Keysborough, Dandenong, Lyndale, Minerat and Cawartha competed head to head in intense netball games.

Team B started off the games against Lyndale Secondary Collage, unfortunately it wasn’t a victory, however the game was all about spirit and having great sportsmanship towards other players. Team A won all their games with great scores. Team A made it to the finals but unfortunately weren’t able to win against Keysborough Banksia. It was a very intense and close game. Dandenong was ahead with 2 goals but in the last seconds Keysborough Banksia got the better of us.

Everyone had a great day and showed amazing sportsmanship. We all played with incredible skills and worked together as a great team.  This isn’t the end of the journey for the netball team. The team and our coach, Mrs Meneilly, are taking part in another competition and hopefully this time round we will end up being the best.

BY: Oshani and Riddhi