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Intermediate Boys Soccer – STATE CHAMPIONS 2015

The Intermediate Boys Sports Team enjoyed some terrific success today at the State Soccer Final. Garret Cree-Smith has done a fabulous job with these boys, and has held regular training sessions. Our boys came away victors and are the State Champions. They conceded only one goal for the entire day, in the Grand Final. All students displayed excellent sportsmanship, skill and wore their DHS track suits with absolute pride. We are thrilled! If you teach any of these students, or see them in the yard please pass on your congratulations.


The Team

Asslan Abilli – Eucalyptus

Muhammad Ahmad Wafir – Banksia

Ardi Ahmeti – Banksia

Hayder Ali – Eucalyptus

David Baraka – Callistemon

Mohamad Feizi – Fern

Omidullah Hassani – Eucalyptus

Sevdim Ismajlovski – Darwinia

Stefan Karac – Callistemon

Zaker Mohammadi – Darwinia

Jalil Nabizadah – Hakea

Jiriberi Niyongabo – Grevillea

Desire Nkondogoro – Grevillea

Dennis Nuredin – Callistemon

Mohammad Qorbani – Hakea

Michael Rakic – Darwinia

Rajab Rezaei – Banksia

Festim Sulemanovksi – Banksia


Shawkat Rezaei – Fern

Mohammad Qorbani – Hakea

Article by Ms Sara Villiers