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The School Swimming Carnival was held on Wednesday March 1st at the Noble Park Aquatic Centre in Heatherton Road, Noble Park. Unfortunately the Centre has had to make the decision that they could only accommodate 1100 students due to OHS Regulations. This meant that we could only take four year levels and the competitors and run a program at school for the two levels we were unable to take. Again we were fortunate to have a day of sunny conditions and sun screen was available for all students. The program was put together by Mr. Beatty with the teams from each houses being supplied by the House Captains. Each of the Houses had a designated area at the pool and students certainly turned out in their House colors providing a very colorful sight. Most events had a competitor in from each House and after the first ten events there was no clear winner. Some Houses were fortunate to have in their teams students who had had swimming lessons and showed promise and who easily won their events. There were also many students who had entered and were determined to gain points for their House. At the start of the relays Hakea House were just beginning to edge in front of the other Houses. At the completion of the Sports, Mr. Lloyd, our very versatile commentator, kept us on tenterhooks while the final totals were being added up and then he announced that Hakea had won the carnival. There was a huge roar from all the Hakean swimmers and spectators at the excitement that Hakea had finally made it.

A huge vote of thanks to all the swimmers and spectators and especially to all members of staff for making the day such an enjoyable one and hopefully we can continue to have a Swimming Carnival at DHS for many years to come.