What we value best in Callistemon House is that every person’s voice is respected and heard.

We value student leadership and expression and we celebrate with student led events.

We value community and social justice. Our Callistemon staff and students are united and proud of their house. We value humour and having fun on our learning journey.

We value diversity, and we support and respect each other’s cultural values and beliefs. We value challenges and discovery. We value laughter. We laugh often and loudly.

Callistemon House Captain
Jamie Sarigeo

Callistemon House Captain
Dennis Nuredin


Callistemon House prides itself on our welcoming and friendly environment that fosters positive and supportive relationships among its staff and students. Every student brings something unique and individual to Callistemon House, which creates a diverse yet accepting community of ‘Callistemonians’. As a House, we stick by each other, support each other and empower each other to achieve our goals as both a House community and as individuals. Above all else, we are a family. Our energetic House spirit is contagious and we believe it is what unites us as a House.


Assistant Principal
House Leader
Robyn Kamer

Assistant House Leader
David Regazzoli
House Student Coordinator
Stephanie Ly

Callistemon Attendance Officer
Bev Darbyshire

Dandenong High School