Click here to apply for Year 7 2021 AELP.
Applications close Wednesday 22nd April 2020


Dandenong High School’s Accelerated and Enhanced Learning Program provides students who are academically inclined and motivated, an opportunity to excel in their secondary schooling studies by establishing an environment that fosters and promotes a curiosity for the world around them, a dedication and discipline towards their studies and a commitment to achieve their best for whatever work they create.

By working in a learning environment of like minds, students will be challenged at every opportunity to not only display rigour towards their learning, but also be responsible for their learning in a world that demands growing minds to seek solutions to the problems we face in society, in a creative and collaborative manner.

Students will explicitly focus on skills that equip them to critically analyse matter with a ‘Bigger-Picture’ approach and make connections within other contextual learning environments through the careful development of research, application and inquiry based learning skills.

As a part of their learning, students will be able to experiment with different forms of advanced learning through the use of enrichment, enhancement and extension opportunities built in to every task they undertake. This affords the students the freedom and accountability to be the masters of their own learning growth and development whilst in a supportive and nurturing setting.

Students will be exposed to a greater number of learning experiences that take them out of the classroom, through extra participation in fieldwork and excursion activities, applied learning in the wider community with various stakeholders and university run programs that forge links between students and universities.

Dandenong High School’s Accelerated and Enhanced Learning Program facilitates a greater opportunity to plan and prepare for students’ further education through the establishment of tight, collaborative partnerships with universities, the emphasis on higher-order learning in Years 7-9, the chance to be selected in the school’s exciting new STEM Academy in Year 9, the ability to accelerate VCE studies whilst in Years 10 and 11, participation in the VCE Extended Investigation subject at Year 11 and providing the best opportunity for students to commence their University studies whilst in Year 12.


Each year, students in Grade Six can apply for Dandenong High School’s Accelerated and Enhanced Learning Program. The application process consists of both academic testing and interview to provide the student with maximum opportunity to demonstrate their learning abilities. Applications can be made online or in person at the school.

Click here to apply for Year 7 2021 AELP.

Opportunities will be provided in Term One for families interested in applying for the Accelerated and Enhanced Learning Program to tour the school, meet the Principal and to find out more about the learning that takes place in the program.

For further information or enquiries, please contact the school on 9792 0561 or email at