The primary aim of Dandenong High School’s Accelerated and Enhanced Learning Program is to cater to students who have been identified as gifted, high achieving or talented by providing a program to allow students to work with like-minded peers on a curriculum specifically designed to cater to high achieving, independent learners.


The program offered by Dandenong High School is an acceleration and enrichment course whereby students identified as requiring or benefitting from acceleration remain in House groups for five of their core subjects, but are mixed with other students of their own age for Sport Education, Physical Education and Arts/Technology.


The following contains information relating to the Dandenong High School’s Accelerated and Enhanced Learning Program for students in 2018.



Applications are now open for positions in the Accelerated and Enhanced Learning Program at Dandenong High School for Year 7 in 2019. Interested applicants are encouraged to download a copy of the application form and return it to Dandenong High School, along with payment for examination, by Wednesday 18th April.

Please note that applicants are required to sit a Higher Ability Selection Test (HAST) to be eligible for the next phase. The examination comprises three sections:

Reading Comprehension – 40-45 minutes (multiple choice)

Written Expression – 25 minutes (written)

Mathematical Reasoning – 40 minutes (multiple choice)

Year 7 Application Form



Further Information or Enquiries

For any additional information, or to make any enquiry relating to the Accelerated and Enhanced Learning Program, please contact Alexandra Gray on 9792 0561 or


Dandenong High School