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Banksia House is a bright and fun place to learn. A House where all staff and students are given every opportunity to achieve their best, encouraged to work together and to assist each other in learning. All members of the House show care and concern for each other, enjoy learning and contributing to Banksia, as well as the whole school community. Banksia House benefits from having excellent student leaders who set high standards and provide support for their peers and staff.

Students in Banksia House are enthusiastically involved in a range of school activities that support their development. Banksia House has achieved great success in the House Competitions with winning efforts in both the Athletics and Swimming competition and have performed very well in the Chorals competition. In each of these activities student success has relied on teamwork, participation and support for their peers.

Banksia House Captain
Selma Rizvic

Banksia House Captain
Edris Amani

Banksia House Captains —Selma Rizvic and Edris Amani

In our House, we pride ourselves in welcoming and embracing the individuality of every student in every year. As a family, we aim for success of every kind, not only academically. We strive to provide a safe, positive environment in which students can build lasting relationships with both fellow peers and teachers. This year, our sights are set on working together as a team, in hopes that our wide efforts and participation as a House will reflect on our success in the Athletics and Swimming Carnival and Chorals, as well as other school based events.

Banksia House revolves around passion for learning and modesty in our achievements, which we will continue to see through in 2015. We value our diversity and support and respect each other, irrespective of cultural beliefs and values. Accepting challenges and seeking to discover new things draws upon what our spirit is built on.

We will make it our responsibility to always be there to listen to the opinions of others, making sure that no voice is left unheard, and that laughter is heard often.

It is a privilege for us to be able to represent Banksia. We look forward to upholding our good-natured reputation with integrity, and encouraging others in building positive House spirit.

Banksia Leadership Team

Assistant Principal
House Leader

Emmanuel Skoutas

Assistant House Leader
Zoe Cooke

House Student Coordinator
Anthony Cvek

House Administration Officer
Tanya Anderson