Banksia House is a bright and fun place to learn. A House where all staff and students are given every opportunity to achieve their best, encouraged to work together and to assist each other in learning. All members of the House show care and concern for each other, enjoy learning and contributing to Banksia, as well as the whole school community. Banksia House benefits from having excellent student leaders who set high standards and provide support for their peers and staff.

Students in Banksia House are enthusiastically involved in a range of school activities that support their development. Banksia House has achieved great success in the House Competitions with winning efforts in both the Athletics and Swimming competition and have performed very well in the Chorals competition. In each of these activities student success has relied on teamwork, participation and support for their peers.

Banksia House Captain
Michelle Ly

Banksia House Captain
George Doggale

2020 is the start of a new generation where we all have the power to inspire positive change and evolution. We are excited to lead our House to victory in events such as the Swimming Carnival, the Athletics Carnival, and Chorales, but we are also committed to Social Service and to working in collaboration with students and staff to enhance positive learning and experiences at Dandenong High School. Former professional boxer Muhammad Ali famously stated, “What keeps me going are goals.” We believe that without goals, there is nothing to strive for, so our goal for 2020 is to be there for you, supporting you with your learning, guiding you and giving you advice whenever you need it. We want to empower you all to be leaders, using your own power to lead others, paving you a positive pathway ahead. We know you all have a voice and we know that you can make a difference.


ASST Principal House Leader
Kelly Krieg

ASST  House Leader
Zoe Elkington

Student Engagement Coordinator
Scott Dowsing

Student Engagement Coordinator
Riley Le Lievre

Kate Brennan