What we value best in Callistemon House is that every person’s voice is respected and heard.

We value student leadership and expression and we celebrate with student led events.

We value community and social justice. Our Callistemon staff and students are united and proud of their house. We value humour and having fun on our learning journey.

We value diversity, and we support and respect each other’s cultural values and beliefs. We value challenges and discovery. We value laughter. We laugh often and loudly.

Callistemon House Captain
Leyla Rustemi

Callistemon House Captain
Anurag Thakur

CALLISTEMON HOUSE CAPTAINS – Leyla Rustemi and Anurag Thakur

As your House Captains for 2019, Mia and I are eager to look forward to what this year has Instored for us, not only as a House but also for each student as an individual. We will try our best to ensure that Grevillea this year will be known as a successful, hardworking house but especially to be known for the love and bond that we have.

As a family we will continue to build our house spirit,build our reputation, and to reach our ultimate goal which is to be the first house to win all 3 events especially on the year our school turns 100 years old.As Tim mentioned we want to create a atmosphere were students feel free and comfortable, to enjoy their time whilst at school. We want our house to be full of love and laughter, a place were students feel accepted and happy.

With the help of everyone in grevillea including the teachers in our house.We strongly believe that this year will be a year that will not be forgotten but to be remembered and cherished with memories full of laughter. Best of luck, Wish yous all the best for 2019


Assistant Principal
House Leader
Kellie Mason

Assistant House Leader
Jason Beattie
House Student Coordinator
Paul Hanna

Callistemon Attendance Officer
Vittoria Evans