What we value best in Callistemon House is that every person’s voice is respected and heard.

We value student leadership and expression and we celebrate with student led events.

We value community and social justice. Our Callistemon staff and students are united and proud of their house. We value humour and having fun on our learning journey.

We value diversity, and we support and respect each other’s cultural values and beliefs. We value challenges and discovery. We value laughter. We laugh often and loudly.

Callistemon House Captain
Pranav Kengeri

Callistemon House Captain
Aparna Shastry

In Callistemon, we take pride in our House spirit and we know it is a positive place where students can come to school and feel good about themselves. Together, we will do our absolute best to support the students in Callistemon, not only in their studies, but also in their personal growth. We will build strong relationships between teachers and students to maximise learning experiences and grow our House spirit. When every student is involved within Callistemon, our small community will grow strong together and we can make our house even better.



ASST Principal House Leader
Kellie Mason

ASST  House Leader
Jason Beattie

Student Engagement Coordinator
Amy Hipwell

Student Engagement Coordinator
Paul Hanna

Vittoria Evans