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Darwinia House is a warm and friendly place to learn and build positive relationships. We value all students and staff and provide a caring and nurturing environment. Staff and students are respected and treated as individuals. There is a real sense of security and belonging when you walk through the front doors.

In Darwinia, teachers are committed to working together for the success of all students. We promote problem solving and independent learning. Our aim is to foster respect, trust and a passion for learning. Students are encouraged to take risks in their learning and to achieve to their full potential in all aspects of school life.

Darwinia House Captain
Andrea Luga

Darwinia House Captain
Hayden Keth

Darwinia House Captains Address –Andrea Luga and Hayden Keth

There is a tremendous sense of honour in becoming the newly elected House Captains of Darwinia, a House that fosters companionship and eagerness to help one another.
We care deeply, respect each and everyone’s viewpoints and collaborate to make all voices equally important. As students ourselves, we understand the journey that all students must take and the challenges it may bring.

In Darwinia we support this journey with open arms, encouraging long lasting relationships between students and staff members, as well as peers, to allow diverse and extensive learning experiences and to make memories that we all can share. Our House Leadership Team are genuine and sincere, and our teachers and staff are extremely dedicated to guiding and developing each and every student to their full potential.
Our challenge as House Captains for this year is to steer Darwinia House to new levels of success as a united Darwinia, through this years House competitions and make each and every individual in the House feel valuable and appreciated. There is a real sense of belonging in Darwinia, and we hope to embrace that true “Darwinian spirit” with all Darwinians.

House Leadership Teams


Assistant Principal
House Leader

Meredith O’Bree


Assistant House Leader
Aaron Mackinnon

House Student Coordinator
Katherine Ruigrok

Darwinia Attendance Officer
Enza D’Andrea