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Eucalyptus House is a welcoming and energetic learning centre for all students and teachers. As one of the seven Houses at Dandenong High School, we continue the traditions of high expectations, excellence and active participation in the life of the school. Our students have the opportunity to exhibit their talents, skills and enthusiasm for learning under the professional and caring guidance of their teachers.

Eucalyptus House has the whole school curriculum responsibility for Literacy, Numeracy and National Partnerships. As such, we co-ordinate and lead the innovative and exciting curriculum initiatives across all Learning Domains and in partnerships with the other Houses.

Eucalyptus House Captain
Lejla Ramic

Eucalyptus House Captain
Jaret Vasquez

Eucalyptus House Captains Address – Lejla Ramic and Jaret Vasquez

In Eucalyptus, we proudly welcome individuals of different background and embrace the differences amongst them. We ‘Eucalyptians’ welcome everyone that wants to become a part of Dandenong High School’s positive environment and we want to make sure that everyone feels included in the House Chorales, Swimming Carnival and Athletics, which provides excellent privilege for the students to join and build House spirit. We believe in being committed, dedicated and continually striving for a better success and future for the students in this House.

As House Captains, we are privileged to be the leaders of Eucalyptus house of 2015. We believe in being dedicated, passionate and always determined to achieve our best, and the best for the students and the staff in Eucalyptus House. We intend to bring each student their own voice that can be heard. The responsibility we share is to provide an environment that is safe and friendly and where students and teachers build a strong bond with one another. The students will continuously be supported and encouraged to work hard by their peers. We are looking forward to a fantastic year.

House Leadership Team


Assistant Principal
House Leader

Evelyne Katsoulis


Assistant House Leader
Peter Bond


House Student Coordinator
Debbie Baulch

Jennifer Barton

Eucalyptus Attendance Officer’s
Jennifer Barton