Eucalyptus House is a welcoming and energetic learning centre for all students and teachers. As one of the seven Houses at Dandenong High School, we continue the traditions of high expectations, excellence and active participation in the life of the school. Our students have the opportunity to exhibit their talents, skills and enthusiasm for learning under the professional and caring guidance of their teachers.

Eucalyptus House has the whole school curriculum responsibility for Literacy, Numeracy and National Partnerships. As such, we co-ordinate and lead the innovative and exciting curriculum initiatives across all Learning Domains and in partnerships with the other Houses.

Eucalyptus House Captain
Azalea Said

Eucalyptus House Captain
Glenn Rigodon

We believe in the value of hard work and we want to show our fellow Eucalyptians that they are capable of great achievements if they are prepared to put in the effort. As well as being role models, we want to help you by guiding you, being a friend to you, and listening to you. Eucalyptus has given us fellowship and support in the past and our goal is to pass that on to you in 2020. We want to motivate you to make a difference in your learning so that success will follow you throughout your schooling and beyond. 2020 is going to be an extraordinary year full of enjoyment, success and many memorable moments. ‘Vamos’ Eucalyptus!


ASST Principal House Leader
Evelyne Katsoulis

ASST  House Leader
Geoffrey Greaves

Student Engagement Coordinator
Sachi Fernando

Student Engagement Coordinator
Danielle Vrondou

Jennifer Barton