Darwinia House is a warm and friendly place to learn and build positive relationships. We value all students and staff and provide a caring and nurturing environment. Staff and students are respected and treated as individuals. There is a real sense of security and belonging when you walk through the front doors.

In Darwinia, teachers are committed to working together for the success of all students. We promote problem solving and independent learning. Our aim is to foster respect, trust and a passion for learning. Students are encouraged to take risks in their learning and to achieve to their full potential in all aspects of school life.

Darwinia House Captain
Oshani Wickramaarachchi

Darwinia House Captain
Tony Sun

DARWINIA HOUSE CAPTAINS ADDRESS –Oshani Wickramaarachchi and Tony Sun

As most of you may already know, we are Oshani and Tony, your 2019 Darwinian House Captains and 2019 is definitely a year we are looking forward to as we will ensure to bring out vibrant positivity. This year we aim to bring out everyone’s unique capabilities and differences to establish Darwinia sprits.

Darwinia is one of the seven houses in Dandenong High School and is known for its uniqueness and individualism. As both of us have been in Darwinia for a couple of years, we have both agreed that everyone in our house is able to create strong bonds and relationships with their peers as well as the staff. Each one of us in Darwinia is great leaders as we all have a commitment to a vision, ability to have virtue, as well as the determination to strive towards a common goal, that is to achieve the best we can be.

Our only aspiration is that we are given the opportunity to be a great leader for a great school, and more importantly to have the voices of our fellow peers heard. We thank you for this opportunity and we hope everyone has a great year ahead so that 2019, thecentenary year, is a year to remember!


Assistant Principal
House Leader

Meredith O’Bree
Assistant House Leader
Jennifer Evans
House Student Coordinator
Kimberley Harrison
Darwinia Attendance Officer
Enza D’Andrea