Grevillea, the purple House, prides itself on its reputation at Dandenong High School. Grevillea’s students are good-natured, accepting and inclusive of others and work hard to achieve their goals. Grevillea staff members are dedicated, supportive and collaborative, continually aiming to improve outcomes for their students in terms of their learning of the curriculum and their personal growth into young adults. The staff and students take pride in appearance; of themselves, of their learning spaces and of the school environment in general. In House competitions, Grevillea House members display their House pride and compete with integrity and fairness and a desire to succeed. In victory Grevillea exhibits humility and in defeat is accepting and celebratory of the success of others.

As your House Captains for 2019, Mia and I are eager to look forward to what this year has Instored for us, not only as a House but also for each student as an individual. We will try our best to ensure that Grevillea this year will be known as a successful, hardworking house but especially to be known for the love and bond that we have.

As a family we will continue to build our house spirit,build our reputation, and to reach our ultimate goal which is to be the first house to win all 3 events especially on the year our school turns 100 years old.As Tim mentioned we want to create a atmosphere were students feel free and comfortable, to enjoy their time whilst at school. We want our house to be full of love and laughter, a place were students feel accepted and happy.

Grevillea House Captain
Donika Selimi

Grevillea House Captain
Jethro Tavu’I-Leota

We both look forward to seeing what this year has in store for us as Grevillea House Captains and we can’t wait to create memories that will be cherished forever. For us, Grevillea is a family that is accepting and full of love and we want every student in Grevillea to feel like they belong and are valued. Our goal for 2020 is to bring staff and students together to understand each other’s needs. In doing so, we hope this will focus on students’ goals and establish their individuality. Together we will ensure that the voices of our fellow Grevilleans are heard and will encourage them in their journey through high school. Let’s make this year better even than the last!


ASST Principal House Leader
Vicky Argyropoulos

ASST  House Leader
Alysha Confait

Student Engagement Coordinator
Ryan Anderson

Student Engagement Coordinator
Stephanie Ellison

Kirsten Crawford