Grevillea, the purple House, prides itself on its reputation at Dandenong High School. Grevillea’s students are good-natured, accepting and inclusive of others and work hard to achieve their goals. Grevillea staff members are dedicated, supportive and collaborative, continually aiming to improve outcomes for their students in terms of their learning of the curriculum and their personal growth into young adults. The staff and students take pride in appearance; of themselves, of their learning spaces and of the school environment in general. In House competitions, Grevillea House members display their House pride and compete with integrity and fairness and a desire to succeed. In victory Grevillea exhibits humility and in defeat is accepting and celebratory of the success of others.

Grevillea House Captain
Noor Kamaleddine
Grevillea House Captain
David Danielson


Hello, we are Noor Kamaleddine and David Danielson, House Captains of Grevillea House. It is an honour to be representing such a friendly and safe house, whom we have grown up in for the past few years. For us, Grevillea has become a second home, as it’s a safe, supportive and positive environment, with friendly staff striving to help us on our paths to success. Grevillea has provided us students with the resources and the perfect learning environment to enable and support us with our learning. As a house, including both staff and students, we stick by each other, empower one another, and celebrate together in our achievements.

As the Grevillea House Captains for 2018, we are truly grateful to be able to be the examples that our Grevillean’s look up to. Our aim is to encourage one another in our schooling goals and instead of diminishing our mistakes, we aim to build each other off those mistakes and turn them into learning lessons. Another area that we’d like to focus on is to improve everyone’s self confidence so that they may be able to become more comfortable, also boosting their potential. So, for 2018, together as a House we will do our best to achieve these goals to help make this year a year to remember.




Assistant Principal
House Leader

Vicky Argyropoulos
Assistant House Leader
Jeremy Penhale
House Student Coordinator
Alysha Confait
Grevillea Attendance Officer
Kristen Crawford