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Grevillea, the purple House, prides itself on its reputation at Dandenong High School. Grevillea’s students are good-natured, accepting and inclusive of others and work hard to achieve their goals. Grevillea staff members are dedicated, supportive and collaborative, continually aiming to improve outcomes for their students in terms of their learning of the curriculum and their personal growth into young adults. The staff and students take pride in appearance; of themselves, of their learning spaces and of the school environment in general. In House competitions, Grevillea House members display their House pride and compete with integrity and fairness and a desire to succeed. In victory Grevillea exhibits humility and in defeat is accepting and celebratory of the success of others.

Grevillea House Captain
Britney Laulu 

Grevillea House Captain
Hoseah Tuiali 

Grevillea House Captains –Britney Laulu and Hoseah Tuiali

In Grevillea, we are a family. Both students and teachers share a unique bond that is not measured only by the time spent together or the favors done for each other, but by the comfort we find when we have each other. Life is locomotion. If you’re not moving, you’re not living. But there comes a time when you’ve got to stop running away from things and instead start running towards something. In Grevillea, we forge ahead as one and keep moving. Even if our path isn’t lit, we trust that we find our way. And we do every time. So this year, not only do we hope to achieve impressive results in every aspect possible but also to enjoy the processes of doing so.

As the Grevillea House Captains, we are both immensely proud to represent and be the voice of a House full of students with positive attitude and great initiative. We hope to create lasting memories with our Grevilleans and make 2015 another successful year for the House of Grevillea.

House Leadership Teams


Assistant Principal
House Leader

Vicky Argyropoulos


Assistant House Leader
Jeremy Penhale

House Student Coordinator
Alysha Oliphant

Grevillea Attendance Officer
Kristen Crawford