Hakea House is a place where all students, teachers and parents are inspired to form strong learning bonds, connections and partnerships in a warm, nurturing and supportive learning environment. Our focus is personalised success, so individual growth and achievement is nurtured and formally celebrated. Students and staff are regularly challenged to move beyond their comfort zone to continually strive for excellence.

Through developing a deep understanding of what an exemplary house looks, feels and sounds like, our team is working hard to develop and implement key initiatives and programs to take the House to the next level. A key focus this year is to develop a shared responsibility within our learning community. Student Leaders are imperative to this work and act as an extension of the House Leadership Team. Student, staff and parent voices are valued and encouraged in order to create a shared and negotiated learning environment, where all are empowered, and meaningful connections are created.

Hakea House Captain
Vishna Wathiyage

Hakea House Captain
Naweed Sarwari

As Hakea House Captains, we want to help you make the best of this year at Dandenong High School. We will work together with teachers and students to ensure our second home is a welcoming and fun place for everyone – a place where every student can strive for academic excellence and build up the confidence to show their talents and creativity to the world. Hakea has always been excellent at House spirit, but we would like to increase Hakea’s House spirit even more. We want you to feel comfortable, accepted and happy when you walk into Hakea House. 2020 is the beginning of another century for this school and we would love to help everyone enjoy it!


ASST Principal House Leader
Andrea Bellgrove

ASST  House Leader
Andrew Elkington

Student Engagement Coordinator
Sarah Hayes

Student Engagement Coordinator
Michelle Lau

Amy Fisher