Dandenong is a suburb of Melbourne, Victoria, approximately 30 km south-east from Melbourne’s central business district. Situated on the Dandenong Creek, it is at the foothill of the Dandenong Ranges and is the main administrative centre for the City of Greater Dandenong local government area. Transport to the school is available by train and various bus services.


Dandenong High School is a highly multi-cultural school and International students are warmly integrated into the school community. The school provides a diverse educational program which prepares students for a successful progress to tertiary studies. A highly qualified and dedicated teaching staff, International Student Coordinator and teacher aides cater to the needs of International students in new state-of-the-art Learning Centres. International Students are encouraged to participate in important events in the school reflecting our cultural diversity, such as the Performing Arts Gala, International Week and House activities including Sports, Debating and Chorales. The school creates a safe and harmonious environment for the students who come from a wide array of countries through its management of student needs. The school has a range of people to cater for the well-being needs of the students. They include the Wellbeing Team, Careers Team, House Leadership Team and the International Student Coordinator. At the beginning of each Term, there will be an orientation session where International students will meet key staff members in the school and be given a tour of the school to help become familiar with the campus.


Dandenong High School has a dedicated student support team, led by David Ogden, who assist International students with their orientation and transition into the school. We recognise that International students have differing needs and require support to enable them to be settled and happy.


Dandenong High School provides a strong Careers Team, which supports International students as they transition through the school and beyond into further study or employment. Students receive relevant information on courses and careers specific to International requirements, as well as individual subject selection support at Years 9, 10, 11 and 12. Targeted individual support is provided during the Year 12 VTAC application process and Change of Preference period after the end of year results are received. Our International students have very different needs during the transition into University or further study, and the Careers Team ensures that each students needs are catered for individually.


Noble Park English Language School is a Victorian government school, which provides an intensive English language program for newly arrived, and International students from non-English speaking backgrounds. Students choosing Dandenong High as their host school can receive intensive English language tuition at Noble Park English Language School for a period of approximately 21 weeks prior to attending Dandenong High School. Support programs for International Students include:

  • English language tuition at Noble Park English Language School for a period of approximately 21 weeks prior to attending Dandenong High School
  • An orientation program inviting students to take part in classes at Dandenong High School whilst still at the Language School in order to familiarise them with their new school environment
  • Victorian School of Languages on site so that students can continue study in their first language
  • English as a Second Language program and small class sizes in the VCE
  • Course counselling and Careers advice from qualified Careers Centre Staff
  • International Student Centre where the Student Coordinator is on hand to assist International students with school work and any other issues that may arise. Regular activities such as International student lunches, excursions to places of interest around Melbourne and visits to University Open Days
  • Wellbeing Staff are available to assist with personal issues

The International Students Coordinator provides the following additional assistance:

  • Airport welcome and pickup
  • Homestay placements and home visits
  • Monitoring of individual student progress and welfare
  • Phone contact with Homestay guardians and parents
  • Visa and immigration assistance.


Dandenong High School Princes Highway, Dandenong

Telephone (613) 9792 0561

Facsimile (613) 9706 8028


Dandenong High School Principal: Mrs Susan Ogden

Associate Principals: Ms Katie Watmough and Mr Mark Gow

Mrs Carol Collins
International Student Coordinator

International Student Coordinator: Mrs Carol Collins and Mrs Georgina

Manger Business Manager: Mrs Shirley Crawford

Enrolment Officer: Mrs Mary McMahon




International Division, DET (Department of Education and Training )

Phone: +61 3 9651 3700

Fax: +61 3 9651 3981


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