Welcome to Fern House!

Fern House has a whole school responsibility for Student Pathways, Work Experience and in school Transition. The Fern team ensures that all students have a clear understanding of their subject choices for the following year, based on possible student pathways. We also work closely with the Careers team in delivering programs to our students in Years 9 – 12 from our outside providers, such as Monash, Deakin and Swinburne Universities, RMIT and others, to enable our students to have as much information as possible to make informed decisions as to their pathways when they leave Dandenong High School. Students aged 15 years or older will also experience a work experience related to a possible pathway, to further develop their thinking about pathways beyond school.

It is vitally important that that all students achieve a successful transition from one year to the next and to pathways beyond school – whether into University, TAFE, Apprenticeships or work.

Fern House Captain
Alina Haidari

Fern House Captain
Jagrit Sharma

FERN HOUSE CAPTAINS –Alina Haidari and Jagrit Sharma

We are both extremely excited to be the Fern House Captains for 2018. It is a great honour to be able to lead all the wonderful students of Fern this year. Our aim as house captains is to establish a comfortable and homely surrounding where everyone strives for their best.

Fern doesn’t just hold its pride in Mr. Ferguson but also its wonderful and enthusiastic students and staff. It values every member of the house and recognizes each of them as a unique individual. Every young adult in this house endeavors to achieve high results, academically and through various other extra-curricular activities. Everybody in Fern believes in supporting each other through both the good and bad times and creating everlasting bonds.

We hope by the end of the year we are able to enlighten a strong house spirit in each heart that holds pride in the green. We both look forward to making 2018 one of the best years for Fern and create amazing and ever‘green’ memories together as a family.


Assistant Principal
House Leader
Michael Ferguson
Assistant House Leader
Miriam Curnow
House Student Coordinator
Carle Rooks
Fern Attendance Officer
Katie Brennan