Dandenong High School values Student Leadership and is committed to creating an environment in which the student voice is genuinely acknowledged, nurtured, celebrated and one that ultimately affects positive change within the school community. Our Student Leaders, including the School Captains, Vice Captains, SRC Presidents, House Captains and Student Representative Council act with integrity, compassion and exemplify excellence in every endeavor. They are responsible for identifying, implementing and evaluating whole school initiatives that allow students to feel respected, empowered and highly involved in the decision making process.



Bianca Baker On left Ellmir Asipi  On right

Dandenong High School is a cohesive, accepting and multicultural school community. It is a collaborative, comforting and deeply enriching learning environment where all students are supported in achieving their individual success. Dandenong High School is a quickly growing and advancing school. The progress and development that has taken place in such little time, and that continues to take place, is almost incomprehensible. Our students are passionate, resilient and respectful. They are hard-working, independent and innovative, and each student brings their different traits and qualities to the table. It is this acceptance, compassion and mutual tolerance that our school is recognised for. This is Dandenong High School’s distinguishable trait, and is what makes our school special. High school is a time of self-discovery.

It is a place where we carve and shape our image of who we aspire to become. It is a journey where we discover the passions that drive our learning. The position of school captain is an opportunity to translate our visions into reality, and is an opportunity Asllan and I can promise to make worthwhile. As students, we are all leaders. Leadership is not about a single person changing the world. It’s about them casting a stone across water to create many ripples.

This year’s leadership team is going to work together to develop authentic relationships and a deep sense of connectedness within the school community. We are striving to empower student voice, and to strengthen feedback communication channels. We only want the best for Dandenong High School, and we hope to accomplish nothing less than that.



Dandenong High School constitutes a special aspect to my life. It is not only my home away from home, but it is also a key place that has carved and moulded me into the person I am today. Without it, I wouldn’t have evolved as much as I have. Along with the motivating teachers who are constantly teaching whether that be academic in nature or not, it is this platform that is Dandenong High School that has made me, me. With the multi-diverse community as the backbone to this school, where we are all one regardless of race, religion, or gedner, it is this quality that motivates me to exercise and enforce this coming together of our school and the intertwining friendships that we all connect on. It is this quality that I strongly believe to be our defining characteristic as a school. That this is what makes us unique and special to one another. Our vast differences and imperfections interconnect us all into a strong and unified body. The school, as a whole, has not only motivated me to represent this school in the best way I can, but it has also motivated the whole student leadership to do better for the school.



Benita Beveridge On left Dylan Welatantrige  On right



My name is Ethan Colquhoun and I am the School Vice Captain for 2017. This year I hope to develop a strong dialogue between students and teachers and create a unique learning experience for everyone at our school.

As a student, it’s hard to feel as though your opinion is valued, or worthy of expression.

This is something that I am dedicated to changing this year. Our school’s diversity is one of our most special attributes, and I am confident that this year’s leadership team can transform our school into one that truly represents the diverse range of students who attend it. By listening and learning from our fellow students, I believe that by the end of this year, we the leadership team will have made real decisions, and real change that everyone will benefit from. I want 2017 to be a year of growth, and a year of unity. And I know that as a school, we can make that happen.



After 5 years of incredible experiences and opportunities at Dandenong High School, it gives me great pride to say that I am the School Vice Captain for 2017. What has been unique to me and is unique to our school is that, as we mature and grow with each passing year, students are able to witness the school itself grow, in a physical sense with the expansion and renovation of facilities, and in terms of harmony and student voice. This growth, I believe, is the result of numerous leadership opportunities for the students, and I look forward to collaborating with my fellow Year 12 leaders to further promote active student participation to ensure that as the school grows, the students within it do so too.



Gloria Taupau On left – Justin TruongOn right



Dandenong high school, a community, a second home. Forever holding a special place in my heart. There are many things that makes Dandenong high school unique; these are the ones that stand out. Firstly, Year 7, the warm feeling you get from the amazing students of Dandenong high school. Being a little, year 7 feeling frozen with nerves and fear; the atmosphere and the friendliness of other students would warm you up even on the coldest of days. Fast forward to year 12, and that warm feeling you would get in year 7 has only grown and expanded greatly. Secondly, the high importance that Dandenong high school pays to the cultural diversity of each and every student. Not only does Dandenong high school inspire me but it also makes me so proud to be a Dandenong high school student. DHS does not only teach Maths, English etc. It teaches every student how to be their own leader in every aspect of life.



As one of the Student Representative Council Presidents for 2017, I hope to achieve a change in our school culture that enhances and encourages a profound student voice. With the help of my fellow amazing student leaders and our entire student body and community, we will work in union to break down barriers that hold our students back from fulfilling our full potential. Dandenong High School allows each of its students to be the leader of their own education and destination, and wherever these destinations may end, Dandenong High school is able to provide for each student. I am proud to be the Student Representative Council President for Dandenong High School because we are truly embarking on a journey into the future. The students are our future and we are definitely in progress to the next level

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