Dandenong High School values Student Leadership and is committed to creating an environment in which the student voice is genuinely acknowledged, nurtured, celebrated and one that ultimately affects positive change within the school community. Our Student Leaders, including the School Captains, Vice Captains, SRC Presidents, House Captains and Student Representative Council act with integrity, compassion and exemplify excellence in every endeavor. They are responsible for identifying, implementing and evaluating whole school initiatives that allow students to feel respected, empowered and highly involved in the decision making process.



Bianca Baker On left Ellmir Asipi  On right

My name is Bianca Baker and it is an absolute honour to be your school captain for 2018, I see my position as a caretaker role where I have the responsibility to represent all of the students in this room. I recognise that acknowledging student voice creates an atmosphere where we all feel that we belong. This is one of the first steps to encouraging positive change within the school community, to convert ideas into reality and is certainly an opportunity that I, along with Ellmir will not take for granted.

Over the years our school has become of special significance, not only in my life but also within me. Without the experiences that these past five years of being a student here have taught me, I would not be the person and leader I am today. To me, this is not just an environment to thrive both in an academic and non academic nature but also a second place to call home, filled with so many people to call family. This is one reason, among many, as to why I am truely devoted and eager to be giving back to the school that has given me more than I could have ever imagined.



My name is Ellmir Asipi and together in union with Bianca we stand as your School Captains for 2018. Each year we reflect on what we have achieved. What we have accomplished as individuals. Now we begin to make those decisions to take every opportunity that comes our way and to fulfil the goals we’re aspiring to achieve. The new school year is an amazing time to form new connections with your fellow peers and teachers, begin and continue to learn and explore more about yourself, and most importantly, making your time here at Dandenong High School a memorable and enjoyable experience.

Together with Bianca, we not only feel honoured, but privileged to be able to guide you all this year and encourage you to take every opportunity that comes your way. As your Schools Captains, we feel excited and thrilled to lead you all on your high school journey and another chapter in your life. We will be there for each an every one of you when you need it most and encourage you to motivate yourself to achieve success and happiness throughout your high school journey



Benita Beveridge On left Dylan Welatantrige  On right



For the 5 years I have attended Dandenong High, I have been presented many great opportunities such as the Kwong Lee Dow (Melbourne University) Scholarship, the Duke of Edinburgh Certificate through our Youth Development class, being able to connect with other outstanding students, my peers, and now becoming School Vice-Captain of 2018.

What challenges I hope to achieve this year as Vice Captain are focusing on our student’s wellbeing and future lives by encouraging students to be their best self, to take up what opportunities and extra-curricular activities the school offers so that they can and become a contributing member to our community.


Students need to be aware of what is happening in our world so I want to help educate our school on the issues affecting our society and help make anyone here a true leader.  I firmly believe that everyone’s voice has a right to be heard; every face has a story to tell and they are valued. A strength our school has is our diversity, which brings a variety of cultural insights and allows us to unite and develop our school further.



My name is Dylan Welatantrige and I am your Vice School Captain for 2018. Along with my partner Benita we make your school council, your voice into the positive changes to our school. I believe my position is the key factor to creating change as well making school an enjoyable and educationally driven environment . Dandenong high school offers numerous valuable opportunities and as a leader, it is my personal goal to ensure every student at Dandenong high school seizes these crucial , once in a life time opportunities

My years at our diverse, culturally rich community have taught me many things and I am here to ensure I fulfil my role as Vice School Captain to encourage fellow and future students to do the same. I have been lucky enough to attend Dandenong High School and learn in its state of the art facilities, I have been able to make friends that I can call family and form special relationships with my school teachers, all in which create a positive environment to learn, strive and succeed in. I will take my role as Vice School Captain and ensure every individual at our school has a voice, a voice that will be heard and most importantly a voice that will create positive change.




Gloria Taupau On left – Justin TruongOn right



2018 is the year of opportunity and responsibility for all of us. We will experience new things, there will be new lessons to be learnt, and new goals to strive for. Our challenge is to take every that opportunity that Dandenong High School provides us.

So as your Student Representative Council Presidents for 2018, we will stand alongside you with the help of our the SRC representatives, led by Miss Watmough, to create an environment we as students want to be in.



“How can I be a better person, not just as an individual, but as someone who can lead?” This made me strive to put effort into my studies and the relationships with the school. I wanted to prove myself. I wanted to show people what I could do. Over the course of schooling, I started to dedicate my time to house competitions, school production and earned the role of SRC last year.

Although I was satisfied with my personal achievements, and being able to fulfil the responsibilities of SRC, I came to realise as we have made great improvements, there were also other opportunities left untouched. These missing wishes were not just mine alone, but rather a collection of all students. What I believe, is that to progress we need to have representation across the school. I wanted to fulfil this role.