Dandenong High School values Student Leadership and is committed to creating an environment in which the student voice is genuinely acknowledged, nurtured, celebrated and one that ultimately affects positive change within the school community. Our Student Leaders, including the School Captains, Vice Captains, SRC Presidents, House Captains and Student Representative Council act with integrity, compassion and exemplify excellence in every endeavor. They are responsible for identifying, implementing and evaluating whole school initiatives that allow students to feel respected, empowered and highly involved in the decision making process.


Kristian Edgecumbe On left Mojgan Hamzaei  On right
Mojgan Hamzaei

My name is Mojgan Hamzaei and it is my absolute pleasure to be your school captain for 2019. This year marks the 100th anniversary of our school and I’m looking forward to the opportunities the year will bring, including working with the wider leadership team on our whole school focus of “getting better at getting better.” This year our school will not only reflect on what they have achieved in the past 100 years but will also look forward to the years to come. As students this encourages us to reflect on our journeys, what we have achieved and what we want to do next. It is a great opportunity for us to set new goals, discover our passions, learn more about ourselves, make new connections and ultimately make our High school experience significant and enjoyable.

It gives me great honour to be able to support you through this year and encourage you to be the best possible version of yourselves in order to fulfil your aspirations. I can ensure that alongside the leadership team we will endeavour to create the best possible school community and environment to support you in the upcoming year.

Kristian Edgecumbe

My name is Kristian Edgecumbe and alongside with Mojgan Hamzaei we will be your School Captains for the year of 2019, High School is just the beginning of our future and will just be another mile stone in our lives. As we become young adults we learn about the rights and wrongs about growing up and that is a vital part of what shapes our character.

Together with the Student Leader team we will strive to guide and encourage everyone to create their own paths so that their future will be fuelled with opportunity. Motivate yourself, inspire yourself, create something new and don’t be scared to be different because once you’ve tasted the sky, you will always look up. Take control and be the leader you deserve to be, take the time to form a connection with your peers and teachers and set a good example for others to follow because at the end of day, Unity is key, Unity is what brings us closer together, Unity is what makes us Dandenong High School


Timothy Ivaschenko On left Jennifer Ding On right
Timothy Ivaschenko

2019 is a momentous occasion for Dandenong High School.
It signifies the 10th anniversary of the modern educational spaces we reside in and call our houses, and more importantly, the centennial of this tremendous school, so I am truly thankful to the staff and students that gave me the colossal honour of voting me into this position, especially considering the occasion.

Over the past 5 years of being enrolled at this school, I have felt a connection grow with the values this school possesses, especially with its’ values on leadership and teamwork.
Dandenong High School is a place where leadership grows. It is a place where students are encouraged to make change, to speak up, and to become the best person they can be, and with this position, I hope I can encourage you, my fellow peers, to strive for greatness whether it be educational, personal, or social while growing alongside you as a leader, and a person.

Jennifer Ding

My name is Jennifer Ding and it is a great honor for me to be your vice-school captain with Timothy in 2019. I am an international student and I studied in China for 14 years. After I came to Australia, I saw the huge differences between the two educational systems and the best of two worlds. My goal is to capture what is great about these two educational systems and combine them together to come up with creative ideas which can contribute to our students in their learning. “The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step,” said Lao Tzu, and as a leader, my goal is to help you to get on this journey and take your first step happily, safely and purposefully.


Danica Soeurream On left – Gentian Lamaj On right
Danica Soeurream

My name is Danica Soeurream, As one half of Dandenong high school’s 2019 SRC president we aim to endeavour the values of students, teachers and the community for the future of this school. It’s a new year and this year our school’s focus is on ‘getting better at getting better’ As SRC presidents we will work closely with students, teachers and principal class to achieve this. Encouraging students and teachers to participate not only in school but also for the community and to take every opportunity that our school provides for each individual of this school.

Gentian Lamaj

100 Years. 100 Years of success. I am your SRC President for 2019 and I want to lead Dandenong High School in a positive direction for this year and for further years to come. This can only be achieved if we as a school work together. I encourage you all as students to speak up and let YOUR voice be heard. Doing this will help the SRC to further improve the school. As the SRCs focus is the students and their voice. So, make sure to speak to an SRC member today.