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Student Leadership

Dandenong High School values Student Leadership and is committed to creating an environment in which the student voice is genuinely acknowledged, nurtured, celebrated and one that ultimately affects positive change within the school community. Our Student Leaders, including the School Captains, Vice Captains, SRC Presidents, House Captains and Student Representative Council act with integrity, compassion and exemplify excellence in every endeavor. They are responsible for identifying, implementing and evaluating whole school initiatives that allow students to feel respected, empowered and highly involved in the decision making process.


School Captains

Asllan Abili On left Rehanna Nuredin  On right

High school is a place where we carve out and shape our image of who we want to be on the tree of life. The impact on a student’s life as a result of high school cannot be underestimated. From the rapid growth of our physical selves, to finding out our purpose in the world and deciding who we aspire to be. High school is a place where were we start our journey of understanding ourselves as individuals and the world for all its complexity.

However Dandenong High School encompasses beyond what a normal high school can provide. It is not only a place where we learn, but also a place we can call home. Our multicultural and diverse variety of students, shows how unique but special each individual is, and that everyone has something to bring to the table. It is a place of acceptance regardless of background, beliefs, or gender. This school has never failed to let I down, and this year as your school captain I act to ensure that I do what the school has done for me throughout my journey here, never fail to let you down. My visionary leadership skills, true loyalty and pride to the school, responsibility, trust and integrity will allow me to be the leader that you want to see at school, apart from my cheesy smile. I hope to see my peers, or as I like to say my second family, grow every day, make the most of your opportunities and aim for nothing but the stars, as the stars are their only limit.

Along with the leadership team of 2016, we would to ensure to not let you down, make sure that the needs of everyone is satisfied and that your journey through high school is nothing but happiness, joy and success. It will be a tough year full of challenges, but I would go t to the ends of the earth to see the success and smiles on the faces I see at Dandenong High school

Asllan Abili  and Rehanna Nuredin


Vice School Captains

Ethan Colquhoun On left Jelena Kalajdjic  On right


Ethan Colquhoun

As Vice School Captains of Dandenong High School, we hold significant responsibility as the listening piece of the student body. We act as the formal voice of the 2016 DHS community by presenting any issues of concern to the Executive Leadership team, working closely with other student leaders identifying areas of improvement, ultimately pushing DHS to exceed its potential. Dandenong High School has always had a very welcoming environment and has greeted me with open doors. It has always been a second home to many students providing us with countless opportunities we would not receive anywhere else. It has taught me certain values such as determination, acceptance, integrity, contributing to the community in a positive manner, and to strive for excellence.

Above all, DHS has taught me the importance for one to have self-respect and to show respect, as it creates an endless ripple, which comes back to you. I wish to continue on the legacy of our previous Captains who have made a difference to our school but also add on my own, with the other Student Leaders, and build a bond as a team. As that is the foundation to any building block in life, to strengthen and empower one another, as a team, and as a family.

Jelena Kalajdjic

Being a member of the Dandenong high school family, all I have experienced are abounding happiness, exceptional support and great encouragement. I have been gifted with many unique opportunities and have always been pushed to excel and reach beyond my maximum capacities. I feel very fortunate in being entrusted with the Vice School Captain’s position for 2016, as this is an opportunity for me to give back to an amazing school like ours. In my last year’s journey in this school, I will do my best to translate the students’ vision into reality. My goal for this year is not only to try my extreme best in being a role model for other students, but also to make sure that other students take responsibility for their own actions. I want to be a leader who is resilient, supportive, reliable and approachable. Most of all, with the help of all of the other supportive captains, I want to make sure that every student enjoy 2016 to its maximum. As a leader, I want to make sure that we are still moving forward even if we stumble.


Student Representative Council Presidents

Misivila Tanurasa On left – Aileen Tavu’Leota  On right


Misivila Tanurasa

Dandenong High School holds a special place in my heart. It is not my second home but it is my first home and has been for the past 5 years. This is because I am at Dandenong High School 5 days of the week and when I am home, I am constantly thinking about Dandenong High and its people. At this school I have been nurtured under an umbrella of supportive, inspiring and knowledgeable teachers to become the person I am today. This school has not only inspired me to strive for excellence but also has taught me the essence of being successful and doing well in the final year of schooling.

Aileen Tavu’Leota  

As I embark on my final schooling journey as a Dandenong High School student, I reflect on the opportunities, life lessons and unforgettable memories that this school has provided for me, these past few years. Dandenong High School is my second home, composed of my second family. This place is where I’ve developed life-long and strong friendships with diverse individuals and guided during my youth by the innovative, encouraging and inspiring teachers who have contributed to who I am today. Through my role as SRC President of 2016, one of my objectives is to give back to the school, which has given me so much in return, and to ensure the current and future students of Dandenong High School are able to achieve their full potential and to take advantage of every single opportunity that is open to them. By working together along side our fellow driven and strong-willed leaders, SRC student representatives and students, I will not only be the voice of the student body but I will also ensure that every individual’s opinion and input to make this school a better environment for all will be heard and addressed. As Nelson Mandela once said, ‘Education is the most important powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.’