The Wellbeing Team at Dandenong High School consists of 5 full-time staff employed by the School to provide emotional, mental and physical support services to the school community. Each of the team members is highly qualified through formal qualifications and experience to deliver the service to the school community.

The Wellbeing Team provide support through direct counselling services offered to students and staff of the school. The support can address a variety of issues that young people face, such as relationships with peers, advocacy with teachers and House Leadership and personal and mental health issues. Students can self-refer by visiting the Wellbeing Office to make an appointment with one of the staff. Parents can make referrals by contacting a member of the Wellbeing Team and requesting that their child be seen by a Wellbeing staff member. To provide an efficient referral process, members of the Wellbeing Team have a liaison role with particular Houses. If you wish to contact the Wellbeing Team you should ask for the staff member who liaises with your student’s House.

The Wellbeing Team has a Program Co-ordinator who facilitates a number of programs for students. These include Girls World, MAT program, Supportive Friends and the Year 11 Leadership Program. The Program Co-ordinator also liaises with other Leadership staff to facilitate programs for specific curriculum Domains that are delivered in classes.

The School has an Adolescent Health Nurse who is available on Monday and Thursday each week. The Nurse provides health promotion and counselling. She is also involved in the delivery of curriculum in the Health Domain.

The Department of Education also provides Psychologists to the School. Access to the psychological service is administered through the Wellbeing Team. The Psychologists are available as needed. Parental consent is required to access this service for students who are under 16 years of age.
The team has strong connections with the community and can provide referral to community agencies that provide specialised support.

Wellbeing Team Leader
David Odgen

Wellbeing Team Officer 
Alexsandra Lonsdale

 Wellbeing Team Officer
Siobhan Murphy

Wellbeing Team Officer
Sheldon Rouse

Wellbeing Team Officer
Cyndi Leong