Accelerated and Enhanced Learning Program

Year 7 AELP 2023
Tour and Morning Tea

We would like to extend an invitation to our prospective Accelerated and Enhanced Learning Program (AELP) families for 2023 to visit us onsite at Dandenong High School.
Join our Transition and AELP leaders for a tour to see our AELP students in action and look at our AELP program in more detail.
The tour will be followed by a morning tea in our Learning Resource Centre (LRC) with the Principal and an opportunity to have your questions answered to find out if our program is the right fit for your child’s learning needs.

Date: Wednesday 4th May 2022
Time: 9:30 – 10:30am
Location: Dandenong High School, Front Office. Please enter through the entrance on the Princes Hwy.

Please RSVP using this link:
The tour will start at 9:30am with morning tea following at approximately 10am.

What is the Accelerated and Enhanced Learning Program?

Dandenong High School’s Accelerated and Enhanced Learning Program provides students who are academically inclined and motivated an opportunity to excel in their secondary schooling studies. We establish an environment that fosters and promotes a curiosity for the world around them, a dedication and discipline towards their studies, and a commitment to achieve their best for whatever work they create.

By working in a learning environment of like minds, students will be challenged at every opportunity to display rigour towards their learning, while also taking ownership of their learning in a world that demands growing minds to seek solutions to the problems we face in society, in a creative and collaborative manner.

Students will explicitly focus on skills that equip them to critically analyse matter with a ‘bigger picture’ approach and make connections within other contextual learning environments through the careful development of research, application and inquiry based learning skills.

As a part of their learning, students will be able to experiment with different forms of advanced learning through the use of enrichment, enhancement and extension opportunities built in to every task they undertake. This affords the students the freedom and accountability to be the masters of their own learning growth and development whilst in a supportive and nurturing setting.

Students will be exposed to a greater number of learning experiences that take them out of the classroom, through extra participation in fieldwork and excursion activities, applied learning in the wider community with various stakeholders, and university run programs that forge links between students and universities.

Dandenong High School’s Accelerated and Enhanced Learning Program facilitates a greater opportunity to plan and prepare for students’ further education through the following avenues.

The establishment of tight, collaborative partnerships with universities

The emphasis on higher-order learning in Years 7 to 9

The Academy of Accredited Schools

The chance to be selected in the school’s exciting new STEM Academy in Year 9

The ability to accelerate VCE studies whilst in Years 10 and 11

Participation in the VCE Extended Investigation subject at Year 11 and providing the best opportunity for students to commence their University studies whilst in Year 12.

Application Process for 2023

In accordance with the Department of Education’s recently updated Placement Policy “Student tests or entry interviews must not occur prior to Year 7 placement offers, including offers based on curriculum grounds”. Unlike previous years where students could apply for multiple Select Entry Programs, the recent changes prevent schools from interviewing or testing students that are not already enrolled at the school.

Therefore, if you are considering applying for the AELP at Dandenong High School we strongly encourage you to nominate Dandenong High School as your first preference school when completing the state-wide “Application for Year 7 Placement 2023 form” to be eligible for testing. All students offered enrolment at Dandenong High School for Year 7 in 2023 will be invited to apply for the AELP. Dandenong High School can offer up to 50 places in our Year 7 AELP for 2023.


Wednesday 4th May 2022 Families interested in our AELP for 2023 are invited to a morning tea. The morning will consist of:

  • AELP information session
  • Morning tea
  • Principal tour
*The time for this event will be confirmed early Term 2 and communicated via this page
Friday 13th May 2022 Parents return Application for Year 7 Placement 2023 Forms to government primary schools by this date *To be considered for Dandenong High Schools AELP you need to be enrolled at Dandenong High School. To guarantee enrolment we strongly recommend placing Dandenong High School as the first preference on this form
Wednesday 20th July 2022 Primary schools notify parents / carers of Year 6 students of their child’s Year 7 placement offer for 2023
From Thursday 21st July Secondary schools send welcome letter to parents / carers of prospective students who have been offered a Year 7 placement for 2023 *We will include information on how to apply for the AELP during this communication. Information will also be available on our website.
Friday 5th August Dandenong High School AELP applications close
Saturday 13th August AELP Entrance Exam 9 – 12pm onsite at Dandenong High School


For further information or enquiries, please contact the school on 03 9792 0561 or email

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