Beyond the Classroom

Your child's experience at Dandenong High School extends beyond the classroom and allows them to follow their talents and interests. Below are some of the opportunities that your child can experience.


Year 7 students travel to Phillip Island for an adventure camp that allows them to make new friendship and to challenge themselves to try new activities and experiences.

All students have the opportunity to attend the Ski Camp and Surf Camp.


Each year, students and staff work hard on putting on a production for the whole school to enjoy. This provides opportunities for students interested in drama, music, performance, sound engineering, back-stage management and behind-the-scenes work.


Chorales is a highlight of the year at Dandenong High School. Students from each House can join their House's choir and work towards performing several songs in competition with other Houses.

International Week

During International Week, we celebrate the amazing diversity of our school community. Students have the chance to take part in various lunchtime activities, culminating in a concert performed for the whole school. This is a time when our staff and students can embrace their cultures and share them with each other.

Athletics & Swimming Carnivals

Our Athletics and Swimming Carnivals see fierce competition between our Houses. Students and staff turn out in their House colours and everyone is encouraged to participate. With House spirit on display, these are always memorable days in our school calendar.