Dandenong High School Ex-Students' Association

The Ex-Students' Association helps former students and staff of the Dandenong High School  to get in touch with one another, assists with major school reunions, and keeps 'exies' up to date, through their website and Facebook, and in more detail, through a newsletter to members, with news and views of what former students are doing since leaving school.

The Ex-Students are developing a growing collection of class photos, school songs and details/conditions of information searches they make from school records in our care, in response to ex-student requests. The Association, through its committed team of volunteers, maintains the official School Archives, which contain a vast collection of photographs, documents and associated memorabilia. These records are available for research.

They also suggest and work for specific projects in the school, such as the commemorative stained-glass window above the main entrance doors. In addition, the Ex-Students are committed to the ongoing funding of a Music Scholarship and other student merit awards.

DHS Ex-Students' Association Newsletter

The Ex-Students' Association produces a regular newsletter for ex-students of Dandenong High School. The newsletter includes news and views of what former students are doing since leaving school.

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Summer Edition


Summer Edition