Facilities at Our School

Dandenong High School is dedicated to creating dedicated learning spaces for our students. Our facilities are constantly updated to make sure our students have the best opportunities to focus on their learning and to achieve their highest.

STEM Centre

We are currently building a dedicated building that will bring STEM to the heart of our school.

Learning Resource Centre & Visual Arts

Our re-furbished Learning Resource Centre (library) and visual arts building has been embraced by students and staff alike. With dedicated spaces for learning, reading and studying, this building provides a space for our students to be their best.


Special events and sport take place in our Melaleuca building, with a theatre, gymnasium and dedicated music rooms to extend our students' learning.


Our House buildings are the core of our 'schools within schools' structure. Each double-storey House building is an individual school, provide our students with a small home inside a large school.