Myuna Farm




To develop in students a desire to successfully improve their behaviours through participation and connection with the Myuna program. The staff demonstrate strategies so that participants can implement changes in their lives to reach their potential. We aim to facilitate the process of developing emotional intelligence so that students can strive to reach their personal goals.


The Dandenong Learning Centre – Myuna Unit will provide a fully articulated and documented 12 week program for intake students. The Unit will have a strong emphasis on building capacity of students, particularly through social skills, adventure activities and the achievement of personal development certificates. Learning will be facilitated through a fully integrated experiential learning program incorporating student-focussed activities, adventure based learning, interactions with other educational and instructional providers, excursions and incursions and sporting activities.


Students are referred to Myuna for a number of reasons including bullying, abuse of staff or students, not following teacher instruction, class disruption, poor peer relations, poor anger management, destructiveness, attention seeking behaviour, frequent absences and lack of connectedness to family, school or community. These students are not achieving success at school and the behaviours that they are displaying are a symptom of poor relationship skills, poor self-esteem, lack of responsibility and poor anger management. The intention of the program at Dandenong Learning Centre-Myuna is to reinforce the positive aspects of each student, and to develop social and emotional intelligence.


Referral of students to the Unit is made by the student’s Well Being Coordinator, Year Level Coordinator, Sub-school Coordinator or Principal. The referral document is attached and can be sent back via hard copy, fax or email.

Once referred, the Myuna Coordinator invites the student and their Parent/Guardian with the school representative to an intake meeting at Myuna Farm. All of the Myuna staff attend intake meetings. The aims of the intake meetings are to assess the student’s level of understanding of their own issues and problems at school and ascertain their willingness and readiness to make changes. Once interviewed, the adolescent is given the necessary details to contact the Myuna Coordinator within 24 hours to indicate that they are willing to commit to the program.


The program offered is a fully integrated experiential learning program that runs for twelve weeks. The program is conducted by a team of two teachers, and an educational support staff in close collaboration with the student’s home school. The student attends the program four days per week and attends their home school a full day a week for the duration of their participation. The program design builds and promotes skills in:
• Relationship building
• Motivation
• Engagement
• Respect
• Achievement
• Commitment.


Karen Simon Bernie
If you require more information you can email Karen Stranger on or you can contact Karen directly at the unit on 9769 2506 and arrange for a tour of the farm and a snap shot of the program.