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Sport programs at DHS

How students can get involved

Physical activity is highly valued at Dandenong High School and there are many sporting opportunities for students to participate in a wide variety of sports throughout the school year. The school recognises that active engagement in physical activity and sport is an important part in the development of lifelong healthy habits for our students.

Through Physical Education classes students progress in their skill development and knowledge of many sports, and learn about the critical importance of teamwork, sportsmanship, cooperation and inclusivity within a sporting context. Students are given opportunities to improve their leadership capabilities through peer teaching, and build their capacity to strategize and problem solve throughout many practical experiences.

Dandenong High School works extremely hard to deliver quality opportunities for students to involve themselves in an array of sporting programs. These include:

  • Interschool Sport
  • Lunchtime Sport
  • School Carnivals (Swimming, Athletics, Cross Country)
  • District, Regional and State Sporting opportunities
  • Melbourne Victory School of Football program (selection process)
  • Junior swimming program

Interschool Sport

The Dandenong High School community has a strong connection to sport and this is reflected in the sporting opportunities provided through our Interschool Sports program. Along with our regular Health & Physical Education program, students are able to represent the school in a variety of interschool sports. Some of the sports include:

  • Soccer
  • AFL
  • Netball
  • Badminton
  • Volleyball
  • Cricket
  • Futsal

Other sporting opportunities are available for access through the Outdoor Education program which involves exposure to areas such as surfing, hiking, canoeing and caving.

Melbourne Victory Program

If you have a passion for soccer (football) and are committed to developing your skills on and off the field, then you might be interested in trying out for the Melbourne Victory School of Football Program. If you are successful in the selection process, which is chosen through a combination of your soccer skills, teamwork with others and conversations with your House Leadership Team, then you will participate weekly in skill development sessions with your coach from Melbourne Victory who will ensure you become your best both on and off the field.

This year, the students were immersed in a variety of opportunities such as a training session at AAMI park with the Manchester United Football team and coaches and completing some soccer coaching credentials/qualifications.

Student testimonial:

“The Melbourne Victory program has been a great experience and I have enjoyed it week in week out. The program has allowed me to make new friends from different houses while I play a sport I love. I really enjoy every week I have the program regardless of it being a practical lesson or a theory lesson. The program encourages me to come to school and it encourages me to make sure I have a good behaviour. Having Jono as the coach makes the program 10 times better because every week he comes with full energy and he is such an easy person to talk to. Jono knows a lot about football, and I have gotten to learn so much things from him, not only football based but also general life. Jono always makes sure everyone feels welcomed and comfortable in the room. I really recommended this program to anyone regardless of them liking football or not.” – Callistemon House Year 8 Student.



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