Year 10 Program

Students at Dandenong High School undertake a three-year Senior Studies program, which provides our Year 10 students with an opportunity to undertake a wide variety of subjects that provide greater depth in learning and targeted preparation for VCE.

Year 10 students are also able to access Unit 1 and 2 VCE subjects as well as VET Training Programs at the DREAM Centre at Chisholm TAFE.

The Year 10 Program empowers our students to make informed choices for their future, fully supported by a personalised Careers Counselling process.

Structure of the Program

Every Year 10 student studies seven subjects. All subjects are whole year – there are no semester based subjects in Year 10

Students must choose subjects from five core areas:

  • English/EAL
  • Humanities
  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • Health/Physical Education

They can then select from a wide range of Pathways Options for their remaining subjects, including Arts/DCT subjects.

Students can choose to select a Unit 1 and 2 VCE subject, with a possible maximum of two Unit 1 & 2 subjects. However, students will be required to satisfy the selection criteria in order to undertake a Unit 1 and 2 VCE subject.

Additional Subjects

Integrated Maths/Science

The Integrated Maths/Science module involves project-based learning and is intended for students who do not wish to continue with Maths and Science in Year 11 and 12 or beyond. Selecting the Integrated Maths/Science subject will allow students to select three Pathways Options (additional subjects) rather than the standard two.

VCE Preparation Maths

Non-AELP students who are approved to select Unit 1 & 2 General Further Maths must also select VCE Preparation Maths. This course will cover a range of subjects not covered in General Further Maths and provides these students with the option of selecting Maths Methods Units 1 & 2 only or both Specialist Maths and Maths Methods Units 1 & 2 in Year 11.

VCE Preparation Science

Any Year 9 student who is approved to select a Unit 1 & 2 Science subject (Biology, Chemistry or Physics) must also select VCE Preparation Science. This course will cover a range of Science topics not covered in their selected Unit 1 & 2 Science and will provide these students with the option of selecting another Unit 1 & 2 Science in Year 11. If approved, students may select Units 1 & 2 in Environmental Science or Psychology without doing VCE Preparation Science. However, these Unit 1 and 2 subjects do not meet the minimum Year 10 Domain Requirements for Science and can be studies in addition to Year 10 Science.

VET Courses

Students will also have the opportunity to select a VET Course as part of their Year 10 Program. The Dandenong Regional Education Alliance Model (DREAM Centre) offers the following VET Training Programs at Chisholm's Dandenong Campus:

  • Hairdressing Trades
  • Beauty Trades
  • Building Trades
  • Plumbing
  • Electro-Technology
  • Engineering, Integrated Technology

These programs run each Monday of the school year from 8am to 11.30am. There are material costs associated with these subjects. The course content will be the same as those competencies required for Certificate II Level Training as listed for VCE/VETs programs.

The Subject Selection and Approval Process

Students will first read through the Senior Studies Handbook that outlines all subjects being offered to Year 10 students.

Following the Student and Parent Information Sessions (held early in Term 3), students will select their seven subjects and complete their Year 10 Subject Selection document. This document must be signed by parents/guardians, acknowledging the student’s selections and any costs associated with them.

If a student wants to select a Unit 1 & 2 subject, they must undertake the Approval Selection Process, which will be overseen by the Domain Leaders and the House Leadership Teams. The process will be based on the following criteria:

  • Academic performance
  • Work ethic and behaviour
  • Teacher recommendation
  • Student expression of interest

After the Approval Selection Process is completed, each student will have a meeting with a member of their House Leadership Team and a member of the Careers Team. If, after consultation, the student wants to modify their selections, the student will be given two days to discuss this with their parents/guardians and return with the revised Year 10 Subject Selection document signed by their parents/guardians.

Once all student Course Selections have been completed, the data will be processed and initial blocking work for the next year will take place. Follow up interviews with House Leadership Teams may need to take place if student choices need to be changed. Students will confirm their study program at Course Confirmation, generally held in September.