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Accelerated and Enhanced Learning Program (AELP)

What is the Accelerated and Enhanced Learning Program?


The primary aim of Dandenong High School’s Accelerated and Enhanced Learning Program is to cater to students who have been identified as gifted, high achieving or talented by providing a program to allow students to work with like-minded peers on a curriculum specifically designed to cater to high achieving, independent learners.


The program offered by Dandenong High School is an acceleration and enrichment course whereby students identified as requiring or benefitting from acceleration remain in House groups for five of their core subjects, but are mixed with other students of their own age for Sport Education, Physical Education and Arts/Technology.


The following contains information relating to the Dandenong High School’s Accelerated and Enhanced Learning Program for Year 7 students in 2018.


Application to sit for the examination

  • Parents and guardians are to complete the AELP Year 7 2018 Application form, available on Dandenong High School website, or from the school’s front office.
  • Upon filling the application form, parents and guardians are to submit the completed form to the Dandenong High School’s front office and pay $70 for administration costs of the examination.
  • This application form and payment must be submitted by 4pm on Friday 21st April, 2017.
  • The examination date is Saturday 6th May 2017 from 8:45am to 12pm.
  • A reminder notification will be sent to you following your application submission, closer to the examination date.

Information relating to the examination

  • There will be four components to the examinations, relating to reading comprehension, written expression, mathematical reasoning and abstract reasoning.
  • For further information, refer to It details what the candidate should bring on the day, how to use the OMR answer sheet and test taking tips. It also provides descriptions of each of the tests and contains sample items for parents to purchase.


Following the examination

  • In the weeks after the examination, all parents and guardians of candidates will receive notification of whether or not their child has progressed to the next stage of the application process. Successful applicants will be invited to attend an interview in Term Two. Further information will be made available following the examination.

Further Information or Enquiries

  • For any additional information, or to make any enquiry relating to the Accelerated and Enhanced Learning Program, please contact Thomas Hassett on 9792 0561.