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Accelerated and Enhanced Learning Program (AELP)

What is the Accelerated and Enhanced Learning Program?

By working in a learning environment of like minds, students in our Accelerated and Enhanced Learning Program are intellectually stimulated, enriched and challenged at every opportunity. The program emphasises higher-order thinking skills, problem solving and excellence in academic pursuits. Our students demonstrate independence, self-motivation and self-regulation in their learning, increasingly becoming critical and strategic thinkers. They do this in a creative and collaborative manner, supported by their teachers and peers.

The Accelerated and Enhanced Learning Program (AELP) at Dandenong High School is unique, providing personalised learning that caters for the different strengths of every learner. A team of teachers work with a group of 50 students allowing for greater flexibility and targeted teaching. More teachers in the classroom means greater opportunities to extend our high achievers in all aspects of their learning.

The high achieving nature of our students in the program are supported with strong links to community partners including RMIT, Swinburne and Monash Universities. These partnerships provide several enrichment experiences that stretch students thinking and enable them to gain recognised micro-credentials and qualifications that better prepare them for University and post-secondary school studies.To enable students to maximise their ATAR they can commence their VCE studies in Year 10, which allows for a reduced or expanded study load in Year 12, dependant on your child’s needs.

Dandenong High School is also an active participant in the state-wide High Achievers Program. This provides an opportunity for high achieving students to work together in an online program for English or Maths to extend their learning both inside and outside the classroom.

Application process for 2024

In accordance with the Department of Education’s Placement Policy “Student tests or entry interviews must not occur prior to Year 7 placement offers, including offers based on curriculum grounds”. Unlike previous years where students could apply for multiple Select Entry Programs, the recent changes prevent schools from interviewing or testing students that are not already enrolled at the school.

Therefore, if you are considering applying for the AELP at Dandenong High School we strongly encourage you to nominate Dandenong High School as your first preference school when completing the state-wide “Application for Year 7 Placement 2024 form” to be eligible for testing. All students offered enrolment at Dandenong High School for Year 7 in 2024 will be invited to apply for the AELP. Dandenong High School can offer up to 50 places in our Year 7 AELP for 2024. Our 3:50 teaching model allows for more flexibility to extend our gifted and talented students and allows them to reach their potential.


Wednesday 3rd May 2023

Families interested in our AELP for 2024 are invited to a morning tea. The morning will consist of:

AELP information session

Morning tea

Principal tour

9:30am – 10:30am
Arrive to the front office


Friday 12th May 2023

Parents return Application for Year 7 Placement 2024 Forms to government primary schools by this date

To be considered for Dandenong High Schools AELP you need to be enrolled at Dandenong High School. To guarantee enrolment we strongly recommend placing Dandenong High School as the first preference on this form

Wednesday 19th July 2023

Primary schools notify parents / carers of Year 6 students of their child’s Year 7 placement offer for 2024

From Thursday 20th July 2023

Secondary schools send welcome letter to parents / carers of prospective students who have been offered a Year 7 placement for 2024

We will include information on how to apply for the AELP during this communication. Information will also be available on our website.

Wednesday 9th August 2023

Dandenong High School AELP applications close

Register for the AELP Entrance Exam here – 
Register now

Saturday 12th August 2023

AELP Entrance Exam

9-12pm onsite at Dandenong High School in the MC Theatre, Melaleuca Building

Friday 1st December 2023


To express interest in our Year 7 2024 AELP, please ring the school directly on Phone: 9792 0561.

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