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Student Wellbeing

Support Services offered at DHS

At Dandenong High School our main focus is to ensure that all students are able to achieve their personal best and become valuable and contributing members of their House, the School and wider community.

We have a wide range of support structures available that are tailored to help our students realise their potential. The Student Support Services Team is lead by Mr David Ogden and consists of the following services.


The school’s counselling team are located in room A26 and has 4 full-time counsellors available to students. Students are able to access support through their House Leadership Team or by going directly to the Counselling Team in A26. Our team is able to support students and their families by offering a range of services that include: Counselling, support with uniform and books and a range of programs delivered at the school.

The school also has access to Educational Psychologists employed by the Department of Education. They are available through Student Support Services. Students under 16 years of age require a parent/guardian consent.

Mental Health Practitioner  (MHP)

The Mental Health Practitioner initiative is a recent addition to the services offered. The MHP role provides short term interventions for students with mild to moderate mental health issues. Informed consent is required before students engage with the MHP.

Speech Pathologist 

The school has the services of a qualified Speech Pathologist. Our Speech Pathologist can provide assessment, intervention and classroom adjustments to eligible students. Parent consent is required prior to the commencement of any services.


The school has an Adolescent Health Worker (School Nurse). The school nurse’s role is health promotion and direct support to students regarding health. The school nurse also supports teaching in the Health Domain.


The school has a doctor available for students, through the Doctors in Secondary School program.  The doctor is available between 9.30am and 1.30pm every Thursday, during school terms, and located in A28, near the Wellbeing Offices. 

Appointments can be made through the staff at either the School Office or the House Leadership Team of the School House or a member of the Student Support Services Team at the school.

All consultations with the doctor are free and confidential.


The school has the services of a lawyer for students to access. They provide legal advice on a range of issues that affect young people. They are also part of the Sporting Change program which focuses on providing legal education.

Student Support Services Team


David Ogden


Vidya Yeleswarapu


Sebastian Perriam


Namrata Ramaprasad


Cindy Zevallos


Celia Mitchell

Learning Excellence Program