Darwinia House is a warm and friendly place to learn and build positive relationships. We value all students and staff and provide a caring and nurturing environment. Staff and students are respected and treated as individuals. There is a real sense of security and belonging when you walk through the front doors.

In Darwinia, teachers are committed to working together for the success of all students. We promote problem solving and independent learning. Our aim is to foster respect, trust and a passion for learning. Students are encouraged to take risks in their learning and to achieve to their full potential in all aspects of school life.

Darwinia House Captain
Oshani Wickramaarachchi

Darwinia House Captain
Tony Sun

DARWINIA HOUSE CAPTAINS ADDRESS –Oshani Wickramaarachchi and Tony Sun

As your 2018 Darwinian House Captains, Solomon and I are proudly excited and look forward to what the year ahead has to offer. We will both ensure we bring out the vibrancy and positivity of each Darwinian student, whether that success may be seen through House Events, Academics or through the development and maturity stages of individuals.

Together we both will strive to achieve a House full of spiritual behaviour. Darwinia isn’t just one of the seven houses, it is the home of uniqueness and individualism, embracement and achievements. Darwinia is a welcoming home, we love how our House and its residents just work together and fit perfectly, but everyone stands out for their own unique capabilities and differences. As both Solomon and I are born and bred Darwinian students, from year 7 to 12, we both can agree on one thing, our time here in Darwinia has been a journey of a lifetime.

Whether it was as a team or as individuals, we have learnt many new skills along with hidden talents that we were unsure of, but if it’s one thing, our teachers of Darwinia House have played an incredible role and we are deeply thankful for each one of them. I hope you all have a great year ahead and best of luck and happiness for 2018.


Assistant Principal
House Leader

Meredith O’Bree
Assistant House Leader
Jennifer Evans
House Student Coordinator
Kimberley Harrison
Darwinia Attendance Officer
Enza D’Andrea