Making the Transition

Making the Transition to Dandenong High School

The journey from Grade 6 to Year 7 is a big one and we are ready to help here at Dandenong High School.

Here are some of the ways we ensure your child's journey to secondary school is successful and enjoyable.

Discover Dandenong Days

Our 'Discover Dandenong' days give your child an opportunity to experience life at Dandenong High School. They will have a taste of different classes and explore many of the exciting facilities available at our school.

Orientation Day

Once your child has chosen our school, they will attend a dedicated Orientation Day in December. Students will meet their teachers and get to know their House. They will also tour the school so they are familiar with the main locations on their first day of Year 7.

Welcome Picnic

Our new families are invited to a Welcome Picnic early in Term 1. This gives you a chance to see the school and meet your child's teachers in an informal setting.